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Your Guide To Top Investors In Abu Dhabi


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Investment is the key to make a business enterprise work. It is important to find the right type of investor at the right time to ensure that you can not only set a foundation but also plan the future. For a business enterprise, there are various channels of investment that an entrepreneur may seek to. Angel investors in one of them.

Wondering who are angel investors and what they do for your business?

Angel investors are known as private investors or seed investors. They are high-net-worth individuals who invest or back up for small startups. The fund angel investors provide you with a one-time investment. These angel investors help you to carry your business or startup in difficult stages too.

Angel investors are those that have excess funds available and are looking for a good return by investing in good ideas. They are beyond traditional investors.

Key benefits of angel investors:

  • An angel investor is an individual who funds startups at the initial stages. Their contribution can help you to take your business to great heights. To focus on the core activities of your business and to make it work, financial support is essential. Angel investors can make things easy for you.
  • Angel investors are the primary source of funding for startups. They listen to the business entrepreneur or startup idea and invest a good amount to give excellent support to new entrepreneurs.
  • Angel investors provide startups or innovators with an opportunity for economic growth.
  • For startups not everyone can invest their capital, angel investors risk their money to build startups in the right way.

List of top investors in Abu Dhabi:

  • Kepler Partners
  • Trove Capital
  • BlackRock
  • International Financial Corporation
  • MFD Holding
  • Amanat Holdings
  • Kohelberg Kravis Roberts
  • Global Infrastructure Partners

Angel investors are also known as informal investors, private investors or business angels. These investors inject capital in startups in exchange for ownership or convertible debt.

Before you can go to connect with an investor, here are a few essential questions to consider:

– From where to find an investor?

– What are the criteria that investors look for in startups?

– How to convince an Abu Dhabi investor to invest in a business?

– What is the fair share of the percentage to allocate to an investor in Abu Dhabi?

– How many shares of a company should an investor own?

– What is considered a good ROI?

To help find the right and the best investor for your business, you can rely on MI Capital. We offer one-stop solutions to businesses when it comes to connecting with an angel investor to funding their venture. Through the use of advanced approach and analysis & pitching skills, our experts guide you to seek funds for your startup. Businesses in Abu Dhabi can reach out to our experts for help to look out for an angel investor who meets their expectations. We make the entire process completely easy and hassle-free for you so that you focus on the idea of establishing it.

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